Culture & Creativity

We believe that the best education has creativity and culture at its heart”

We have a vision for children’s creativity to be encouraged and nurtured in and out of the school.

We believe all children should experience and have access to a diverse range of arts and cultural activity because these opportunities can enhance their aspirations, achievements and skills.

Active Kids Program

“Practice as if you are the worst; perform as if you are the best.”

Children have a natural curiosity and desire to learn about their environment. Everything is new to them. At this age, learning is primarily through touch and feel. Children love to play, especially actively. Physical play is good for them in a number of ways: it benefits their growing bodies, gives them a healthy outlet for their abundant energy and when they play with others it encourages positive social development.

It’s important to understand what kids can do and what skills are appropriate for this age. Beginning with the freedom to walk, run, jump, hop and do other physical activities indoor & outdoor, the whole world of physical activity is just beginning to unfold before them. In these early years the physical development is around three fundamental themes

A. Action:
Locomotion through simple walking, hopping, jumping & crawling.

B. Balance:
Exploring and learning how to balance various body parts, transfer weight from one body part to the other.

C. Coordination:
Learning to coordinate different body parts this ensures the children learn holistically through physical activity and sports in addition to helping children improve their health and fitness levels dramatically


The school is proactive in ensuring that the parents are actively involved in the progress of their child.

This is accomplished by various means and methods. Parents are encouraged to participate in Parent-teacher meetings and other fun activities in order to ensure regular interactions.

Week ahead and weekly feedback is sent in the school diary which is accessible to the parents online via link as well Visit Now.

The monthly planner is provided in advance to the parents to inform them of the various events, activities and opportunities their child would be exposed to in the immediate future.

Parental Involvement

Parental participation is encouraged in a big way. Orientation programs are held regularly to create awareness among parents and to highlight the important role on regular basis. Parent teacher conferences are scheduled regularly.


Learning is an ongoing process at small Wonders. It is one thing that doesn’t have an upper limit. We learn, we refine and we evolve every day. Regular workshops are conducted for teachers by external agencies and by our own group of expert and experienced trainers which equips teachers to handle every possible situation in the classroom environment.

Learning new teaching techniques and applying them in our scenario to strengthen the teaching learning methodology is our forte.

Sports Day

I may win, I may lose but I will never be defeated!

Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

The Annual Sports Day celebrations are a much awaited event at small Wonders School. The fantastic turnout from the parents, the near perfect weather and the super energetic students make this a very spirited and special occasion. The reverberant exercises and well planned races amidst the loud cheering from the parents filled the atmosphere with exuberance and enthusiasm.

This day is a celebration of a beautiful quote, “Life is for participating, not for speculating”. With a small promise to ensure that each of our students along with their teachers participate in this mesmerizing event, the grand finale is fun races for our parents.

The vision behind the Annual Sports Day at small Wonders School is to try and inculcate a winning attitude among our students, “Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is!”

Annual Day

Metasis… Let There Be Light

Metasis….flux…..reformation synonymously echo the essence of change.
A change that is fundamental to our very own existence and which works at a physical and a metaphysical level.

Through this show- ‘Metasis’, the small wonderites took the audience into a beautiful journey of change and at the same time profusely propagate to –

“Let transformation happen
Let Metasis take place”

Because, when we allow Metasis to take its course we ourselves will be surprised on how beautiful the result is.