Teaching Learning Methodology

We believe that every child is a unique creation of the almighty and deserves individual notice, attention and care to promote his/her innermost talents and burnish his/her potential.

This loving concern for the continuous development and well being of the child is reflected in every action and endeavour of the
hand-picked faculty.

THOTS Program

In our constant endeavour to provide a conducive environment to our students. Small Wonders is introducing the “Thots Programme” , which enables the child to break the unconscious patterns to become more and more conscious of all thoughts and actions.
What is THOTS?
THOTS is a unique in school program for developing and nurturing Higher Order Thinking skills in the Primary and Middle Years. Revolving around hands-on experiences using innovative physical thinking tools, this program has been scientifically designed with the purpose of making child more confident, successful and responsible. A structured experiential process, THOTS focuses on developing four fundamentals of thinking- Skills, Concepts, Processes and Models.
How does THOTS work?
THOTS has a unique 5 stage methodology and delivery process which enables development of new thinking skills by strengthening the innate thinking abilities. THOTS program delivered inside the classroom by a THOTS trained facilitator in the school premises once a week promises to create a mind shift through:

  • Hands on exposure to over 17 unique Thinking Development Tools
  • Learning through concrete experiences
  • Age appropriate subject independent and progressive thinking curriculum
  • Structured deliverables spanning from UKG to Grade 8
  • Internalization led by Engaging Facilitators
How do the students benefit from THOTS?
Implementation of THOTS program in a class of about 30 students for a period of one academic session has yielded positive changes in the following spheres:

  • Statistically significant improvement in academic and scholastic performance
  • Enhanced self-thinking process- Critical, Lateral and Creative
  • Enables application of learning to real life situations
  • Improved focus, confidence and inquisitiveness
How will THOTS be implemented in the school?
The THOTS organization has appointed one facilitator who will be in school 3 days every week and take a 45 minutes class with the students of different classes based on a pre-decided Time table.

The implementation of the program will include workshops for the teachers and parents from time to time

Curriculum & Learning System

"Our children learn in a dynamic but stress-free, extremely interactive and robust environment. Their concepts are cleared in the initial stages so that their
eventual learning process is made simpler, more interesting."

The curriculum followed at the school follows the approach- ‘More for less’. The slim volumes encapsulate massive learning and the children learn in a dynamic but stress-free, extremely interactive and robust environment.

Value based education is provided and strong emphasis is laid on the formation of upright, confident and sincere characteristics in the children. Through regular interactions, moral development sessions, stories and examples, the children are taught to respect elders, build tolerance and forbearance, respect individual differences and engage in meaningful exchanges.
Curiosity Encouraged
We understand that curiosity is a necessary element for learning. At every stage, a child’s curiosity is nurtured and encouraged and their queries, questions and doubts are addressed till the child is fully satisfied. It’s then time to address the next question!
Lifelong Learners
Learning never stops, and, so we leave no stone un-turned to inculcate an enduring love for learning and knowledge in the children. This is done by making their formative approach to learning very consistent, creative, stimulating and interactive through our active interventions, digital aids, personal touches and suitable curriculum.
Pro-Active Always
In this day and age, excellence, multi dimensional personality and optimal talent utilization is not only prized but actively pursued. At small Wonders, we realize this and work closely with the children to unveil their talents and promote their development.

Counselors & Special Educators

Special-Educator, uses various techniques to promote learning. She is involved in the students' behavioral, social, and academic development, helping the students develop emotionally & feel comfortable in social situations.


In the true sense of the word- our teachers are educators who foster a child’s intellect, imagination, creativity, potential and promise with loving concern and care.

Our educators are highly competent, qualified and dedicated and create a positive and pleasurable environment for the learning process. In house trainings and seminars, guest lectures and skill up-gradation workshops are constantly provided through teacher training programmes. The young learners in our care also require constant attention and motherly care. For this purpose, every class has a class attendant in addition to the class teacher present in the class at all times.

The Play - classes have two class attendants in addition to the teacher. The attendants are all educated and rigorously trained. Regular trainings are organized for the attendants to reinforce the need for personal hygiene and grooming