True education releases capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence, will, and goal-setting competencies, and instills the vision serving the best interests of the community...!!

As the Director of small WONDERS SCHOOL… it’s my pleasure and privilege to follow my passion because I truly enjoy the company of my dearly loved students and talented and zealous teachers who keep me energized all the time.

SWS is not just ONE More school in the already long list of educational institutions in the “Fortified City”, but it is ONE school which has made a great difference in its Qualitative journey of over a decade. Our children represent our hopes and dreams. As a parent, you certainly want the best for your child and we are indeed happy to be working with you to ensure that they are given the right knowledge to face future challenges.

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Greetings from small Wonders, the home of my Wonderites. small Wonders has established a tradition of excellence. It offers its students and staff a pristine environment for learning and developing in all spheres of life.

Every child is a unique individual with his/her natural abilities and thus needs special attention and care at the budding stage. These natural abilities are identified, recognized, appreciated, encouraged and guided, which enhances the child’s chances of success and
eventually a rewarding and happy life.

Each day, students have a chance to learn and grow in many ways. The students are prepared for their bright future by creating a pleasant atmosphere where learning is full of fun, discovery and delight. We emphasize on student safety and have created a tradition of excellence.

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